Prateek Jain

Researcher, Microsoft Research
Adjunct Faculty, IIT Kanpur
Contact: Microsoft Research Lab, “Vigyan”
#9, Lavelle Road
Bangalore 560 001 India

I am a member of the Machine Learning and Optimization and the Algorithms and Data Sciences Group at Microsoft Research, Bangalore, India. My research interests are in machine learning, non-convex optimization, high-dimensional statistics, and optimization algorithms in general. I am also interested in applications of machine learning to privacy, computer vision, text mining and natural language processing.
Earlier, I completed my PhD at the University of Texas at Austin under Prof. Inderjit S. Dhillon.


23 Dec 2017

Monograph on Non-convex Optimization for Machine Learning posted online.

22 Sept 2017

Invited paper to appear at APLAS 2017.

9 Sept 2017

Two papers to appear at NIPS 2017.

12 Aug 2017

Presented four papers at ICML 2017. Papers available here.

16 Jun 2017

Talk at Data Science @ SURI, EPFL.

11 Dec 2016

Four papers presented at NIPS 2016. Papers available here.

6 July 2016

Tutorial at Summer School on Large Scale Optimization, IISc, Bangalore

24 May 2016

Our paper on streaming PCA was presented at COLT 2016. Paper available here.

10 May 2016

Our paper on robust tensor PCA was presented at AISTATS 2016. Paper available here.

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